The OBS Dana-Offering Program ~ 2023


Update on the New Tisarana Meditation Hall Construction

These new Winter 2023 photos of the construction of the interior of the meditation hall were recently taken when the OBS offered dana to the Sangha. Many friends from around the world are supporting the construction costs for the new Tisarana Monastery Meditation Hall. Please see details of the Sala at the Tisarana web site HERE for more photos.

Interior Douglas Fir timbers

SalaSkylights construction

“The hall’s main interior elements will be Tisarana’s large bronze Buddha image, which was poured in Thailand, and a spacious timber frame interior. Skylights along the roof’s peak will allow ambient daylight to stream in and illuminate the Buddha image and the hall. The hall is also being designed with energy efficiency, environmental considerations, low maintenance and longevity in mind.”


Offering Food/Groceries

In keeping with the monastic tradition dating back to the time of the Buddha, the Sangha relies entirely on food donations (dana) offered by lay supporters. The idea of “dana” – which is the Pali word for “generosity” or giving with an open heart – is central to Buddhist practice. The Buddha’s first teaching was on the importance of cultivating generosity as a way of encouraging non-attachment and a concern for the well-being of others. The practice of giving allows both the giver and the receiver to experience a genuine gladness of the heart. In giving, one experiences the happiness that comes with sharing and letting go of selfishness. And in graciously accepting the gift, the receiver experiences deep gratitude for another person’s kind act.

The OBS invites you to offer dana support to the monastics. If you wish to contribute dana, please see Tisarana’s detailed instructions HERE.

You are encouraged to bring groceries that don’t require refrigeration, including vegetables and fruits that may remain out of the refrigerator for several days. Items such as cheese, which don’t require much refrigerator space may also be accepted. Please consult the Tisarana or the Sati Saraniya websites noted below three to four days prior to events to see which food items are most needed.


Offering a Meal at the Monastery or Hermitage

Offering a meal to the monastic community provides an opportunity to visit and participate in the lifestyle of the monastery or hermitage. You are welcome to provide all or part of a meal.

Please contact the respective websites for more information and details on how to make arrangements to offer dana.