Thai Ambassador Pisan and AV

2013 Kathina: Thai Ambassador to Canada Pisan Manawapat offers dana to LP Viradhammo

Dear Friends and OBS Members,

Ten years ago …’on November 5, 2005 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in the presence of 56 meditation students and Buddhist friends, Ajahn Viradhammo shared his vision of a small monastery for one or more monks to be located within 1½ hours drive from Ottawa. After having being invited over the past few years by many lay meditation students and Buddhist practitioners to stay in Ontario, Ajahn Viradhammo decided it was the right time to investigate the idea.’

Ajahn Viradhammo’s news at the Tu-An Pagoda that evening was transformative. The effect of his faith in ‘the Invisible… the Deathless…the Island’  was multiplied by at least fifty-fold.

Fast forward to this weekend, ten years later and Buddhists and friends of Buddhists from all over the Ottawa Valley will be celebrating Tisarana’s third Kathina  on Sunday, Nov 8th at the monastery. The Tisarana Monastery Board, warmly invites you, your family and friends to come and celebrate this joyful day with them, Luang Por Viradhammo and the community of resident and visiting Theravada monks. Information from Tisarana about the programme.


Upcoming OBS : Ceremonies, Teachings, OBS AGM Notice, Movie/Book suggestions & Podcast

Sunday November 8thKathina Ceremony  at Tisarana, an Ontario Buddhist Forest Monastery, ALL ARE WELCOME Tisarana website

Monday, November 9th – OBS Board Meeting, 7:30 pm
The ** OBS Annual General Meeting and Social ** are scheduled for Sunday February 7th, 2016 at the Old Ottawa South Community Centre, 260 Sunnyside Ave., 1:30 – 4 pm. If you would like to learn more about any position or stand for election at the AGM as part of the OBS administrative team ( please contact Jane Brown or Mark Cuddy
Join in and be with us all in the next ten years of the OBS

Wednesday, November 11th – Remembrance Day and New Moon

Friday, November 13thAyya Medhanandi  at Quaker House, 7:30 pm, 91A Fourth Ave,  in the Glebe.

Ayya MedhanandiAyyā Medhānandī , Bhikkhuni, a native of Montreal, is the founder of Sati Sārāņīya Hermitage, a Theravada Buddhist training monastery for bhikkhunīs in Perth, Ontario, Canada. After learning to meditate at 21, she made pilgrimage to India, studied with an Advaita sage, completed an Msc in nutrition and managed UN and other aid agency programs for malnourished women and children

Join us to meditate and listen to Ayya Medhanandi’s reflections on the dhamma. Food offerings are also greatly appreciated and can be left in a special hamper that goes home with Ayya to the Hermitage Friday night.**

Friday, November 20th – Bytowne Cinema presents ‘HEART of A DOG’ a film directed by Laurie Anderson & highly recommended by Lisa, an OBS Board member.ALL WELCOME to join in for an OBS meet-up just before showtime 5 pm

Saturday, November 21st – Noble Eightfold Path Study Group at Tisarana
The final teaching on the Noble Eightfold Path is being offered by LP Viradhammo at Tisarana Monastery. A few days later Ajahn leaves for India and Thailand.  All are welcome to come join in this practice/study and teaching opportunity. Food offerings are greatly appreciated for the Saturday 11 am meal and for the monastery in general. Either bring food offerings with you or they can be dropped off Friday afternoon, Nov 20th, 1-4 pm at 24 Marielle Court (Richmond – Pinecrest area).

NEP Program:
11:00 Dana (Potluck lunch)
1:00 Chanting and meditation
1:50 Dhamma talk on Right Concentration
2:45 Break (those who have just come for the talk can leave)
3:00 Q’s & A’s
4:00 Finish with the five precepts

Wheel of DhammaIn February 2016 a second offering of the Noble Eightfold Path Study Group facilitated by Hoa Nguyen will begin. Five sessions are planned for Saturday afternoons, spaced out every three weeks. The group will meet at the First Unitarian church, Richmond Road area. More information on dates, times, registration in the OBS Newsletter – December.
Wednesday, November 25th – Full Moon

Friday, November 27th  – ** Ven Sallekho  at Quaker House, 7:30 pm**  91A Fourth Ave , in the Glebe. CANCELLED

Bhante-SallekhoVen. Sallekho was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In 2010, as part of the Wat Pah Nanachat community, he received ordination into the bhikkhu sangha at Wat Nong Pah Pong, with Luang Por Liem Thitadhammo as his preceptor. After 5 years as a monk in Thailand, he returned to Canada and joined the Tisarana community in June 2015.

** This Quaker House Evening has had to be CANCELLED as the Society of Friends need their meeting hall this evening for a regional conference Ven Sallekho will be invited to teach in the spring of 2016. **

Saturday, November 28th – Evelyn Tan at the Day of Mindfulness at Tu-An Pagoda (Vietnamese Buddhist Temple), 3591 Albion Road

Evelyn Tan

Evelyn Tan first learned about Buddhism, mindfulness and vipassana meditation largely through the Ottawa Buddhist Society when she and her family moved to Ottawa some twenty years ago. She teaches Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) at The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre and works in the community with individuals who prefer 1:1 sessions or small group sessions.

The Days of Mindfulness run from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and include periods of sitting meditation, walking meditation, dhamma readings, listening to dhamma talks (from either an invited monastic/nun or else a taped talk chosen by a senior OBS member).

If you cannot attend the full-day program, you may participate in a half-day session: from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. or from 12:45 to 3:30 p.m.  Either way, you are invited to contribute to and share in the pot-luck vegetarian lunch, served between 11:30 a.m. and 12:45 p.m.  Any contribution would be warmly welcomed.

Note that there is no particular requirement to be a Buddhist to attend any of the Days of Mindfulness only an interest in meditation and the practice of ‘noble silence’ for the day.

Book Announcement:

OBS lay teacher and author Jim Bedard has just published a new book entitled “Old Pond: The Teachings of the Elders.” Drawing on central teachings from Theravada Buddhism as well as other spiritual traditions, this work of fiction is now available for purchase on Jim has also offered to donate $5 for each copy sold between now and Dec. 31st to Sati Saraniya Hermitage if you purchase the book directly through him at a cost of $20. If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of “Old Pond” directly through Jim, please contact Lisa at

Podcast to a recent Dhamma Talk by LP Viradhammo
With much gratitude to the monks of Tisarana for providing these podcasts. From a past Tisarana dhamma talk Ajahn explores how we learn by engaging with and accepting the way reality is presenting itself to us. We thereby become more competent in whatever it is we are applying ourselves to… TRADITION of EXPERTISE


Ajahn Viradhammo and Ven Khema with OBS at Tu An Pagoda Oct 2015 RSamenera Khema, LP Viradhammo with OBS Day of Mindfulness practitioners,
Tu-An Pagoda, Oct 24, 2015