Good afternoon friends and members of the OBS,

For the moment, the valley is flooded with sunlight. Flowering lilacs ring the neighbourhood walkways, majestic alliums reach skyward and the unfurling compound leaves of the walnuts are here. The rain has stopped, for the moment.

The OBS Spring Social, organized by Ann Waters and friends, is scheduled for 2:00 to 5:00 pm, Sunday June 11th, rain or shine. Please see location and details below. Come and meet other dhamma friends while enjoying Jane’s beautiful garden.

Last weekend, not consciously seeking a counterbalance to all the rain; we made a pilgrimage to view the New Mexican desert paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe at the Art Gallery of Ontario . If there be a better immediate tonic, given all the rain this spring, let me know. This is a beautifully curated art show.Soaking up all the vivid colours and light available in an O’Keeffe landscape was a magnificent boost to the spirit. Heat rises and swirls above red hills. The front of a mule skull remains below soft arabesque poinsettia leaves fluttering mysteriously, like prayer flags in a blue, blue sky.

Taking a longer view on pilgrimage and opening to the practice and freedom from suffering, OBS members and friends will benefit this month from the experience of two visiting senior monks, Ajahn Punnadhammo and U Jagara. We invite everyone to read on to Upcoming Events below and to mark your calendars for their teaching events. These opportunities may allow you to avail yourselves of the Truth, the Island, the Marvellous, the restorative wisdom of the Buddha as taught by these two monks.

Ladder to the Moon – Georgia O’Keeffe 1958

Upcoming Events

Friday, June 2ndEvening Meeting with Ajahn Punnadhammo, 7:30 pm at Quaker House: 91A Fourth Ave, Ottawa  see map

Ajahn Punnadhammo

Ajahn Punnadhammo is the resident bhikku at Arrow River Forest Hermitage ( , ( a Theravadin Buddhist monastery and meditation centre outside Thunder Bay. Venerable Punnadhammo was born in Toronto in 1955 and has studied and practiced Buddhism since 1979. He studied under Kema Ananda, the founder of the Arrow River Centre, and did a one-year solitary retreat at the Centre in 1988.

In 1990 Venerable Punnadhammo went to Thailand to be ordained in the forest tradition of Ajahn Chah. He stayed at Wat Pah Nanachat, Thailand until 1995 when Kema Ananda asked him to return to manage Arrow River.  He has been there ever since.

This free Friday evening event includes a guided meditation followed by dhamma talk, and a question period. Donations are gratefully accepted to support the Arrow River Forest Hermitage, and to support OBS events.

Saturday – Sunday, June 3-4Non-residential meditation retreat with Ajahn Punnadhammo, 8:15 am – 3:30 pm at River House: 1048 North River Road, Ottawa, see map () Please note, this annual retreat with Ajahn Punnadhammo is FULL

Friday, June 9 –  Full Moon

Sunday, June 11OBS Spring Social 2:00 – 5:00 pm  All Are Welcome!   We will be gathering at Jane Brown’s home, 71 Sunnycrest Drive Ottawa,

Please bring a sweet or savory snack to share if you can, as well as your own mug. Newcomers welcome.  Email Ann Waters if you have any questions:   We hope to see many of you there!

Friday, June 16Evening Meeting with Sayadaw U Jagara, 7:30 pm–9:30 pm at Quaker House: 91A Fourth Ave, Ottawa, see map

Venerable Sayadaw U Jagara is Canadian-born and has been a Theravadin monk for 35 years, mostly in Sri Lanka and Myanmar (Burma). He was trained and has taught in the U Ba Khin and Pa-Auk traditions of Myanmar where he currently lives.
This free event will include a guided meditation followed by a dhamma talk, and a question period.

NOTE: Cushions are not available in the Quaker House meditation hall where this event is held. Please feel free to bring your own cushion, or use the chairs that are provided. This event is free. Donations are gratefully accepted and go to support the teacher and to support OBS events.

Saturday, June 17Day of Mindfulness with Sayadaw U Jagara, ** 8:15 – 2:15 pm ** at Tu-An Pagoda 3591 Albion Road, Ottawasee map

OC Travel Planner

NOTE: About ten cushions are available in the meditation hall where this event is held. Please feel free to bring your own cushion, or use the chairs that are provided. This event is free. Donations are gratefully accepted and go to support the teacher and to support OBS events.

All are welcome to attend either in the morning session or afternoon or both. Please feel free to bring a vegetarian main dish or dessert for the potluck at 11:30 am.

Saturday, June 17 – Waning (Half) Moon and Ajahn Chah’s birthday.

Friday, June 23 – New Moon


Free PDF Download: An Introduction to Buddhism
by Amaravati Monastery

An excellent introduction and outline on Buddhism was originally written by the Amaravati sangha near London. Please feel free to click here  and download this excellent summary as an OBS pdf.

Volunteer and Dana Opportunities

We are always looking for OBS Volunteers to help out with driving Monastics to and from Perth and to host their overnight stays in Ottawa between teaching events. (In particular we are looking for male drivers and male hosts that live in a reasonably central location) If you are interested in helping out please email Vivienne for more details

Larger Community Bulletin Board Created

The OBS executive board often receives requests to make announcements in the OBS Newsletter from Buddhist individuals and groups within the Ottawa area. In a spirit of mutuality with others, we created an OBS Blog page,here: Larger Community Bulletin Board and OBS Biographies Please contact for inclusion details.

” The joy one feels on beholding you for the first time
does not diminish even after seeing you a hundred times.”


The production of an OBS monthly Newsletter is a communication team project comprised of Vivienne Bartlett, Colleen Glass, Jeela Jones and Carol Anne Owen. Submissions to the next OBS Newsletter are always welcome.

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