Good morning Friends and Members of the OBS,

Warm greetings on a cold winter’s morning. All are welcome to this evening’s Quaker House meeting with Bhante Jinananda. The meditation at the Quaker House on Fourth Avenue will begin at 7:30 pm followed by Bhante’s dhamma talk.

Last weekend the OBS Annual General Meeting combined both business and pleasure. Jane expressed our collective gratitude to retiring secretary, Joan Thompson and directors Noon Surachana, Hoa Nguyen and Ann Waters for their generous gifts of service to the OBS, to the Dhamma.

In our Buddhist community we come together, as people are able, to support each other at various events and retreats. In the background during the coming year the following list of new and seasoned volunteers will be taking care of OBS business. If you, or you and a friend, can help in organizing a *monastic dana offering* for our monastics and nuns, please contact Jane Brown, our OBS President.

President – Jane Brown
Treasurer – Sami Aly
Secretary – Howard Nathan
Director 1 – Mark Cuddy (2018)
Director 2 – Nissanka Pussegoda (2018)
Director 3 – Mira Kucar (continuing until 2019)
Director 4 – Vivienne Bartlett (continuing until 2019)
Director 5 – Sara Marcus (until 2020)
Director 6 – Wendy Ryan (until 2020)
Past President – Nissanka Pussegoda
Committees, Coordinator and Support Team
* Academic, Hoa Nguyen
* Communications, Colleen Glass and Vivienne Bartlett
* Day of Mindfulness, Mark Cuddy
* Day of Mindfulness – Kitchen, Rose Hunt, Noon Suranchana, Sara Marcus
* Library, Chau Luang
* Membership Secretary, Sara Marcus
* Monastic Coordinator, Vivienne Bartlett
* Monastic Dana, * Vacant *
* Monastic Transportation and Billeting, Vivienne Bartlett and Volunteer Roster
* Quaker House, Mira Kucar and Ann Waters
* Retreats, Evelyn Tan, Mark Cuddy, Colleen Glass, Jane Brown
* Social, Ann Waters
* Web Masters, Colleen Glass and Chau Luang

Next Tuesday, February 5th registration will open for the 2 Day Non Residential Retreat with Jim Bedard and Randy Baker in early March. Information is available on the OBS website HERE.

 Upcoming Teachings, Retreat Registration & Considerations

Friday, February 2nd – Friday Evening Meditation with Bhante Jinananda −7:30 pm at Quaker House, 91A Fourth Ave, in the Glebe
All are welcome to join in for group mindfulness practice and dhamma instruction.

Bhante Jinananda

Bhante Jinananda is an Ottawa monk at the Hilda Jayewardenaramaya Buddhist Monastery and meditation centre. ‘Bhante J’ has been in North America for over seven years and has been a qualified meditation master for decades in Theravada Buddhist tradition.

Thursday, February 8th – Third quarter or Waning Moon

Wednesday, February 14th – New Moon



Friday, February February 16th – Friday Evening Meditation with Andre Vellino −7:30 pm at Quaker House, 91A Fourth Ave, in the Glebe
All are welcome to join in for group mindfulness practice and dhamma instruction.
Andre is a member and past President of the Ottawa Buddhist Society and practiced with many Theravada monastics and lay teachers. Since 2002 he has been a member of the Order of Interbeing and received the Lamp Transmission from Thich Nhat Hanh in 2014. He leads meditation classes at the University of Ottawa Continuing Education Program and Andre is also a co-founder of the University of Ottawa’s Academy for Mindfulness and Contemplative Studies.

The Monks and Nuns will be on winter retreat from January 1, 2018 until the end of March 2018.


Saturday, February 17th Day of Mindfulnesswas postponed until Saturday Feb 24th at the Tu-An Pagoda due to the Chinese New Year celebrations on the 17th. The OBS senior members led the group sitting and taped dhamma talk.

Thursday, February 22nd – Waxing Moon

Sunday February 25th – Soup Kitchen at Shepherds of Good Hope

This is a community event where a volunteer team of members and friends, wishing to donate their time and food preparation skills, are welcome to join in. The OBS helps prepare and serve the Sunday lunch time meal to clients at the Shepherds from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm.
The mission is located in Lowertown at 233 Murray St. at the corner of King Edward.Please contact Ann Waters at

Thursday, March 1st – Full Moon

…from Fear, Pain ..Trust by Joseph Goldstein

“On a more subtle level, as we refine the quality of our mindfulness, we begin to recognize that which knows the pain; we explore the nature of consciousness itself. One of the most startling aspects of meditation practice is that whatever the object of our attention might be, the nature of knowing—that open, empty, aware nature of the mind—remains the same. It is completely unaffected by what is known. It simply knows, whether it is pleasure or pain.

A couple of images might help illustrate this. The first is considering the mirror-like nature of the mind. A mirror just reflects what comes in front of it. Beautiful, ugly, the mirror doesn’t care; its nature is simply to reflect. Likewise, the nature of the mind is simply to know. Another image pointing to the nature of awareness is the openness of an open window. Everything is perceived through the openness of the window, whether it’s sounds or sights, or whatever. The openness itself is unaffected. The openness doesn’t care whether it’s pleasant or unpleasant. This is the nature of awareness. Beginning to recognize and understand this helps us develop a certain quality of fearlessness with respect to what’s arising, because we see that the knowing is unaffected.
Henry David Thoreau offers an inspiring example of this possibility. He died in his forties from TB, but even as he lay sick and dying, he had an amazing understanding of the body and the mind, seeing both as part of the great natural world. As people were consoling him in his last days, he replied, ‘There is as much comfort in perfect disease as in perfect health, as the mind always conforms to the condition of the body.’
That’s a remarkable statement. Our awareness just knows whatever the condition of the body is, and the knowing itself is unaffected by it. As we explore the edge of physical pain and discomfort in our meditation, we bring this understanding to other life situations. We begin to apply the same principles of open mindfulness to difficult emotions and mind states and we learn to find in ourselves in the same place of freedom. ‘ Joseph Goldstein
Fear, Pain..and Trust





Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon (Rangoon) Mynamar

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