Former Thai Ambassador Pisan offering dana to LP Viradhammo

The Fall Chapter of the Dana-Offering Program

The OBS Dana-Offering Program invites you to offer dana support at the following events in 2017:

1) The QH and DoM on Oct 6, 20 and 21st for Sati Saraniya
2) The QH and DoM on Nov 3 and 17 and 18th for Tisarana
3) The QH and DOM on Dec 15 and 16 for Sati Saraniya

Participants are warmly encouraged to bring groceries that don’t require refrigeration — with the one exception of cheese, which doesn’t take much fridge space. Vegetables and fruits that don’t need to be refrigerated for several days may also be donated. These food items will then be transported to Tisarana by a volunteer driver. There will be specific areas set aside at these locations to store the dana. We ask that you please consult the the Tisarana website  or the Sati Saraniya website 3 to 4 days prior to these events to see which food items are most needed by the monks and lay residents.

The Quaker House is located at 91A Fourth Ave; the Day of Mindfulness is held at Tu An Pagoda 3591 Albion Road, Ottawa



Dana Drivers Needed

The OBS is also looking for volunteer drivers to transport the collected dana to the monastery within a week of the events listed above. If you’re able to help out, please contact Jane at and indicate whether you can be a driver for the  collection period.


In keeping with the monastic tradition dating back to the time of the Buddha, the Tisarana monks rely entirely on food donations (dana) offered by lay supporters. The idea of “dana” – which is the Pali word for “generosity” or giving with an open heart – is central to Buddhist practice. The Buddha’s first teaching was on the importance of cultivating generosity as a way of encouraging non-attachment and a concern for the well-being of others. The practice of giving allows both the giver and the receiver to experience a genuine gladness of the heart. In setting the intention to practice generosity, the giver experiences the happiness that comes with sharing and letting go of selfishness. And in graciously accepting the gift, the receiver experiences deep gratitude for another person’s kind act.